Managing Results

Can I record a result against a non-member?

Yes! When choosing a Player to record a result against, click ‘Add Player’, enter the Player’s first and last name, but don’t enter an (optional) Email address. This will have the effect of creating your own personal address book of Players.

But, the more members, the better the app gets for everyone.

We – and the community – really appreciate it when you encourage other members to join. Thank you!

How do I record a result for a doubles match?

Oops! Our first priority was to make the app as great as possible for singles matches.

Right now it’s not possible to add more than one opponent, or your doubles partner. Sorry!

It’s on our to-do list to add this functionality.

Watch this space!

What's the difference between a pending and an approved result?

A pending result is one that is yet to be agreed upon by all players.

As soon as all players have agreed a result, it becomes approved.

We believe that a result that has been validated by more than one person is more likely to be 100% accurate than a result that has been recorded by a single person. Therefore we’ve invested a lot of effort to make a result approval process as easy as possible for both parties.

How does the result approval process work?

The result approval process only works between members. Yet another reason to get more members signed up!

When someone (let’s call them Player A) records a result:

  1. The result is now in a status of pending.
  2. The opponent (let’s call them Player B) gets notified by email, and in the app, of this action.

Player B has the option either to:

  1. Accept the result as-is. Great! The result is now set to a status of approved, all good!
  2. Reject the result, and at the same time recommend one or more amendments. Player A is notified of this, and has the opportunity to accept or reject.

Naturally we expect that, 99% of the time, the result initially entered will be good.

But in those 1% of cases where there’s a mistake, we feel it’s important for the opponent to have their say, and help make it better.

Can I export my results out of the app?

Yes you can.

Look for the “Export Results” option in your account settings/profile.

You’ll get sent an email with an attachment. The attachment will contain all your results in .csv format. This file can be easily opened in all popular spreadsheet software packages such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Can I record historical results?


Indeed, we actively encourage this. Be proud of your playing history!

What if I record a result against a non-member, and then later they become a member?

Hmmm, this is a tricky one.

We’ve not yet figured out how best to manage this scenario… but it’s on our to-do list.

Your best bet is to make sure that your opponent IS a member already, then this issue will never arise!

Can I delete a result?

Yes. And No.

You CAN delete a result if it has:

  1. Been entered against a non-member.
  2. Not yet been approved.

You CAN’T delete a result if it has:

  1. Been approved by another member.

We’ll look into allowing the above in a future version. Both players would need to agree before it can be deleted.

What's the maximum score (i.e. number of games, or sets) I can record in a match?

5, i.e. best of 9.

The only invalid scores are:

0-0 and 5-5 for (hopefuly!) obvious reasons!

Managing Venues

What's the difference between a pending and an approved venue?

A venue with a status of pending is one that has been recently suggested to us by one of our members, but we’ve not yet manually reviewed it to make sure it’s good information.

Conversely, a venue with a status of approved is one that we have manually reviewed, and are confident is a genuine venue.

This manual review process is necessary so that we maintain a high quality list of venues to make the experience better for all members.

Can I enter a result against a venue with a status of pending, i.e. a venue that is not yet approved?

Yes you can, but with a warning!

If we review the venue and decide that it’s not a genuine venue, then

  1. All results recorded against that venue will be deleted (affected members will be notified)
  2. Members will not be allowed to add that same venue again, unless they convince us that in fact it’s a genuine venue, worthy of our database!

How does a venue get approved?

We (Itomic) manually review all new venue suggestions.

All we’re doing it checking that, as far as we can tell (e.g. by checking Google Maps, websites, Facebook, whatever), the venue is a genuine sports venue.

We want to make sure that, as far as reasonably possible, our members can rely on the venues being real.

Using your venue search service, I can't find the venue I want to add. Why not?

The two most likely reasons are:

  1. You’re searching for the name of a club, and not the physical venue (building, or complex) in which that club operates. Sometimes the name is the same for both, sometimes not. This typically happens when, for example, the venue is a multi-sports venue, which can include schools or businesses. Try searching for the name of the venue, not the club name.
  2. The venue has not been added to Google Maps before, maybe because it’s very new.

We rely on a 3rd party service called Google Places to supply venue suggestions.

If the physical venue is not in Google Places, there’s good news! Google would love you to add it. Try this Google search for the various ways you can add a place:


It can be as fast as few days until Google adds your suggested place to Google Places. And then, when they do, you can find and suggest it in our app. It’s a win-win!

Can I add a venue if I haven't played there myself?

Yes please!

In fact, we actively encourage this. It’s called crowdsourcing.

We can’t do it alone. We rely on kind people, like yourself, to add venues that are missing, and improve the information about existing venues.

So if you’re a little bit obsessive-compulsive (like we are!), and like things to be complete and perfect, please don’t hold back!


Managing Players

How do I invite new players to join?

Firstly – thanks very much for inviting new players! The more players using the app, the better it gets for everyone.

There are two ways to invite players to join:

  1. Go to the Players section of the app, and click the + sign at the top-right of the page.
  2. Add a new result (this can be done from various places in the app), click ‘Select Player’, and then ‘Add Player’

Hint: we know how eager you are to enter new results, but it makes things easier for everyone if your opponent is a member already. We therefore recommend encouraging new members to join before you play them. That way, you’re all good to go when it comes time to add a result (a win for you, we hope!).



Why should I mark a player as a favourite?

We recommend you do this for people you play often. It just makes it a little easier/faster to add results against them.

How do I know if a person is a member or not?

Use the search facility in the Players section of the app to search for a matching email address in our database.

If we find a match, you can choose to add them to your own list of Players.

If we don’t find a match, you’ll have the opportunity to invite them to join.


Ladders (Leaderboards)

What is a ladder?

A ladder, also known as a leaderboard, is a very simple way of ranking players, where the top player is ranked #1, the second best player is ranked #2, and so on and so forth.

A ladder is automatically created for every single venue in our database.

How do I join a ladder?

Extremely easily!

When you record a match result, it’s required that you identify the venue where you played. All results between two members are automatically added to the ladder for that venue.

Please note:

  1. Only results recorded between two members will affect the ladder.
  2. A result will only impact the ladder after it’s been approved by both players.

What are the promotion/demotion ladder rules?

Disclaimer: we reserve the right to refine these rules over time, and without prior notice. Sorry!

The super-simple rules are as follows:

  1. If the higher ranked player wins, then the higher ranked player stays at the same rank, and the lower ranked player moves down one rank.
  2. If it’s a draw, then the higher ranked player stays the same, and the lower player moves up 1 rank. Which means that the two players will swap places on the ladder if no other players were ranked in between them.
  3. If the lower ranked player wins, and irrespective of their starting rank, they move one place above the higher ranked player. Which means that the higher ranked player will drop down a rank.

Can I challenge anyone on the ladder?

At the moment, yes you can.

We may introduce rules that restrict the ability of one player to challenge another who is more than ‘x’ positions higher on the ladder.

I just added a result, but it's not yet been added to the ladder. Why not?

  1. Was the result recorded between two members? It has to be.
  2. Has the result been approved by both members? It has to be.

I don't want to appear on the ladder for a venue. Can I opt out?

That’s a pity! But we understand it’s not for everyone.

We’ll shortly be adding functionality to:

  1. Show a “Display Name” (alias) instead of your supplied First and Last name.
  2. Opt-out completely.

How/where do I get ranked when joining an existing ladder for the first time?

Short answer: it’s complex!

Longer answer: it’s impossible for us to know in advance what would be a ‘fair’ starting rank for you. Generally speaking we’ll place you towards the middle of the ladder if you win your match, and towards the bottom of the ladder if you lose your match. We also take into consideration whether or the person you played is already on the ladder, and if so, what their rank is.

The moral of the story: the more you play, the more accurate your position on the ladder. At least that’s the theory. Which is why we reserve the right to improve the promotion/demotion rules over time.

Can I create my own private (invite-only) ladder for me and my friends?

Not yet. It’s on our to-do list!

Membership and Subscriptions

How much does membership cost?

Until otherwise advised, there are no fees or charges associated with being a member.

That said, yes, we will be introducing a fee in due course. This is essential if we are to continue to invest in making this app the very best it can be for everyone, which is absolutely what we intend to do.

We’ve not yet finalised pricing, but it’ll probably (don’t quote us on this!) be just US$1 per month per member for an ad-free experience.

Or to put it another way, if you can put up with some targeted advertising in between pages, then you can continue be a member for no charge.

Naturally all such prices and associated policies must be able allowed to be adjusted over time in pursuit of a stable business model.

Rest assured we are committed to making this app as widely accessible as possible to all. Therefore we want to keep the price barrier to entry as low as possible.

fyi: At time of writing, both the Google and Apple app stores take a 30% cut of all recurring subscriptions, which reduces to 15% in the second year of a subscription and thereafter.

If I become a member, do I have to play regularly and record results?

Nope. You don’t have to do anything.

Being a member just opens up more opportunities for you to do and see stuff.


Where is my data stored?

Your data is securely stored in a NextDC data centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Multiple backups are taken, both onto a dedicated backup server in the same data centre, and to Amazon’s S3/Glacier storage service in Sydney, Australia.

How do I give feedback?

We love feedback, especially the positive and constructive kind!

There a various ways/places to give us lots of lovely feedback:

  1. Inside the app in the settngs/account section you’ll find a ‘Feedback’ option.
  2. Our ‘Contact Us’ page: https://www.itomic.app/contact-us/
  3. Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ItomicApps/
  4. In the Android and Apple App stores. We’re particularly fond of 4 or 5 star reviews.